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About IC!

Inmotion Chemicals is a dynamic, agile, reliable, and very creative chemical trading company, where you will always find a lot of opportunities for your business!
Our goal at all times, is to offer a very reliable commercial option for our clients for their chemical inquiries, in terms of quality, timeliness, logistics, pricing and payment. With more than 20 years of contacts in the market, Inmotion Chemicals has a very good reputation in the Latin American Market and is the preferable channel for several global suppliers and customers that trust their service.
Active in different segments such as Polyurethane, Detergents, Paint and Resins, Food, Textile etc. Inmotion Chemicals has become over the last years one of the supplying preferable options of Latin American market.

our four pillars
Our customers

Inmotion Chemicals understands that every client is different and unique and has a specific and special working style, as well as very different demands and requisitions. That is why we work hard to adjust our offers to fulfill each specifics needs.

Inmotion Chemicals offers a wide chemical portfolio of different raw material or finished product for the Latin American market, this allows us to solve almost every need of your company. We have an extensive and well recognized supplying network with different origins!

our supplying network

All our manufactures enjoy great international recognition and high-quality products.

We have established long-term partnerships with suppliers with whom we have develop mutual benefit relationships. We seek to be considered their most strategic and valuable partner to entry our region. Our suppliers are well aware of our client network coverage in the region and appreciate the constant movement of their products in the different markets.

We seek at all times to consolidate important volumes in the region, searching to generate windows of opportunity that enable us to offer to our customers better pricing and conditions.

our people

We are proud of the constant commitment, excellence in all our activities, agility and proactivity that characterizes all our team.

Our people are known for their dedication, passion, enthusiasm and transparency, you will notice and feel this in each of our transactions, this working style, is our seal in the petrochemical market.


We seek to support our supplying partners in an integral way, optimizing their logistics, storage, freights and bring them an important market share and entrance to the Latin America market. Our main target is to be able to consolidate volumes and optimize all the logistic chain, in order to achieve this, we work closely with very important and reliable logistic partners in our region.

As we understand completely clear that timely supply is vital for supply chains and production cycles, we focus on providing permanent information on shipments to our customers. Likewise, we offer a comprehensive monitoring of the different stages of the supply chain, in order to ensure the timeliness of our deliveries.

inmotion is constantly moving!
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